Polar Computer USA

websites, remote repair, training, networking, forensics

About ME

I am a one person company.

I started working with computers in 1977 when I bought my first computer.

I can fix your computer in your house, at my shop, or remotely if you have a working internet connection.

My friends and family started coming to me for answers and help with their computers.  The were complaining how expensive it was to have a computer shop fix their computer.  They kept telling me that I was as good as they were and that I should start charging for my help.

I can design a website for you or update your existing website.

I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Cyber Security.

I have a bachelors degree in web technologies.

I have an AAS degree in electronics. 


Our Guiding Principles:
Place God First In All We Do,
Be A Blessing To People,
Trust God To Meet Our Needs,
Strive For Excellence.